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Greenestone Muskoka Reviews

Greenestone Muskoka Reviews

Why Greenestone Muskoka Has To Be Considered

There is a long list of recovery centers across Canada, particularly in Ontario. When someone needs to recover from a substance abuse problem, it’s important to go to the right center where help can be obtained – and in a non-judgmental manner. That is why Greenestone Muskoka needs to be considered. People will be able to get the help they need in a setting that is absolutely breathtaking.

An Individual Approach

Greenestone Muskoka is unique in comparison to all of the other recovery centers for a few reasons. First, there is an assessment done on each person that comes through the doors. A personal plan is established so that everyone is able to get the necessary help based upon what they have gone through. Second, there are actual doctors and psychologists on premises that help with the assessment, the therapy, and every other aspect of the recovery process.

The staff has been complimented on many occasions through greenestone muskoka reviews because they are caring and take a genuine interest in the improvement of everyone who goes into a recovery program. The counseling, the therapy, the holistic sessions, and everything else are run by people who care and who have the experience to make a difference.

It’s Like a Vacation

Most people envision a recovery center to be a cross between a hospital and a prison – and many often appear to look just like that. Greenestone Muskoka is different and that’s because it looks like a resort upon approach. It’s on more than 40 acres and there are woods, lakes and gorgeous cottages within view.

Everyone who enrolls in a program is given a room with a view. Many of the rooms have such amenities as balconies and Jacuzzi tubs, which helps to offer a relaxing environment when undergoing treatment for substance abuse.

Beyond the accommodations, there are such things as a swimming pool, yoga studio, fitness center, and tennis courts for people to use. This allows people to leave the stress of the everyday world behind them while they heal both their body and mind and learn how to overcome an addiction to drugs.

The center offers help in every way. People can benefit from intervention, counseling, and even aftercare programs following completion of the recovery program.